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Created by Allyson West - Hosted by Jack Crumley and Allyson West - Produced by Allyson West and Frank Steele

Script Shop is a podcast recorded in Cincinnati, OH that records out of the WLW 700 studios. We are committed to furthering the work of screenwriters.
We accept produced and non-produced original scripts from screenwriters to discuss on the show either in-person or via phone call.

Each episode features a "getting-to-know-you" segment, a short scene read and breakdown of your script, and then an in-depth discussion of themes, structure, characters, genre, etc. etc. etc, finishing with a production or pre-production chat and "how-does-someone-reach-you" moment. We are very casual and playful. We love “work shopping” your script and will ask a lot of dumb questions for ourselves and for our listeners to make sure that we really get into the “why this choice vs. this one” and “what did you do that led you here,” moments. You can look up episodes on www.scriptshopshow.com or stream us on itunes, soundcloud, stitcher, Google Play.

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We love promoting artists! We make scripts available to our listeners from our website for one week prior to each episode and one week following. Sharing screenwriters' actual words enhances the quality of each interview and our episodes. 

We love this show. We love screenwriters. We love stories. You can see more info on our website at www.scriptshopshow.com or by listening to us on itunes. We are constantly looking for more scripts, and so always kindly request that you share this with friends and co-workers that may be interested as well in this type of opportunity.