Promo 2018

So we wrapped TEXICAN on Sunday at Holman Motors (more on that coming soon,) and I started thinking about all of the screenings of this movie I'll be working on booking and all the venues I want to get it into, especially in Cincinnati. I keep saying this over and over and I'll keep saying it because it's important to me, but I need to contribute to film in the city I live in. SOOOOOO, my hope is that if I'm showing my AWESOME MOVIE all over the city then I also need to be showing teasers of my future works, as well.

Within the span of about 10 minutes I realized I needed to make two trailers for my upcoming projects. Then i thought about it a little bit more, and decided to do just one, and then maybe think about the other one after I pulled the first one off.


I walked around Mariemont to try to find my favorite thing - a free location - and took a couple of differnet pictures of potential locations. Then I resized them all in Word, used an app to add text and then printed them on my color printer at home. THEN I doodled on them, and ta da! Work in progress.

Here's hoping all my COUNTRY MUSIC EXPLAINED dreams come true!